The ABCs of Virtue

Each and every one of us has the opportunity to be Active, Brave, and Confident. Sometimes we just need the ABCs as a guide to show us how. ‘The ABCs of Virtue’ is a poetic guide teaching kids about our human qualities and how we can be the best version of ourselves. With each of the 26 letters in the book, there is a profound human quality for every child to learn.

Starting with A and ending with Z, ‘The ABCs of Virtue’ creates a space for young readers to discover magical virtues like honesty, responsiveness, mindfulness, generosity, thankfulness, kindness, and morality. The book’s rhymes are written to raise more conscious children for a world where everyone is respected and no one lives in fear. 

Recommended by both parents and teachers, this book discusses essential points in life. Reading ‘The ABCs of Virtue’, children will learn how incorporating all the 26 virtues will help them attain a more fulfilling life experience.

The book encourages children to take care of themselves, take control of their lives, and be joyful, confident, dutiful, ethical, wise, curious, and innovative.

Let us recognize the importance of becoming friendly, neighborly, responsive to things around, courageous, thankful, loving, and understanding.

The pictures and rhymes inspire the citizens of tomorrow to find the magic of being more mindful, consuming what is necessary, and protecting the nature.

"Priya Kumari has created a lovely children's book full of wisdom. The ABCs of Virtue is colorful, engaging and not only a primer for the alphabet, but a primer for developing goodness and compassion."
"This abecedarian picture book teaches children about desirable personal qualities...
An encouraging tone and cheerful images deftly convey a didactic message."

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