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“Taaraa loved to make Raakhi for her elder brother, Chundoo, and it was a ritual every year that she followed a day before Raksha Bandhan. She picked up an orange silk thread from the bundle, knowing orange was her Bhaiya’s (brother’s) favorite color. She then went on to stick a sparkly red and golden flower on the thread and she knew Bhaiya was going to love it. The next day she woke up early and woke up her brother. While Taaraa was helping her Ma prepare the platter for the Puja, Chundoo was wrapping Taaraa’s gift using red glittery paper. Once they completed doing the ritual to bring good energy into the house, Taara and Chundoo rushed to the main door along with their Papa and completed the rituals that were done near the main door. Now it was time to tie the Raakhi, a thread sisters tie on the wrists of their brothers and wish them happiness, and brothers in turn promise to protect their sisters and gift tokens of love. Would Taaraa be happy with her Bhaiya’s gift for her? Why do they go to the fire station with Raakhis? Fire Chief Ivaan is touched by their kind gesture of tying Raakhi onto him and the other firefighters there. Mr. Ivaan showed them his equipment and gear and explained to Taaraa and Chundoo about fire safety. That night Papa told them the story of why Raksha Bandhan is celebrated.

My Raksha Bandhan: Promise to Protect by Priya Kumari and Komal Garg is an informative and educational book that explains why and how Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu festival, is celebrated. The story is a good and interesting way to learn about the Hindu festival and the culture. The illustrations are colorful and vibrant, just like the festival, and make the storybook eye-catching and captivating for young readers. The details about the festival have been explained in detail so that anyone reading the book will be able to understand about the festival of Raksha Bandha. It is a good book for parents and tutors to use for storytelling sessions so that they can teach their children about other cultures and festivals in an exciting and interesting way.” — Review by Readers’ Favorite

This living story book takes you straight to the home of little Taaraa and her elder brother, Chundoo. They are joyfully celebrating Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu festival of brother-sister bond. They are enjoying its rituals and tales. They are also going to give a bigger meaning to their festive day… Let the authors take you to this beautiful home where a little girl has just started to do something lovingly…

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My Rakshabandhan, Promise to Protect

“I have 5 year old daughter and she loved the story. It’s a great way to understand the history and stories of some age old traditions. For all those who want to raise their kids to ask questions, to be curious, to try and understand why we do certain things or the reasons for certain festivals and traditions – this is an excellent way to provide some answers. Loved this!!”

“This is an excellent book for kids . Talks in great detail about a famous Indian festival and its relevance in every part of India . The illustrations are lively and eye catching. Kids abroad can easily relate to the story-line and at the same time understand the significance of the festival.”

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